What to expect

During the first meeting, an assessment is conducted to determine a shared understanding of your needs which will lead to developing an individualized treatment plan to reach your goals

Individual sessions are approximately 50 minutes in length and the number of weekly sessions depends on your goals.  Therapists often note how some issues that can take weeks or months to be addressed in long-term talk therapy, often come to a resolution within a few short sessions with EAP.

No horse experience is required and all activities are conducted on the ground (no riding).

All sessions are held at private facilities to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Payments/Do you accept insurance?

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card, PayPal

I do not accept insurance for several reasons.

  1. Insurance companies require a diagnosis in order to receive services. No diagnosis is needed to participate in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. There can be negative consequences of having a mental health diagnosis, some of which include:
    1. Higher insurance premiums
    2. Complications with life insurance (higher premiums, cancellation of coverage)
    3. Issues with obtaining/maintaining employment where a security clearance is required.

  2. Your personal issues are kept private from the insurance company. By billing insurance, they are entitled to the reason why you are seeking treatment and other personal information.

  3. Your personal information is not stored in an insurance company's database where their employees can access it and where it could be breached by hackers.

  4. Insurance companies dictate the number of sessions you can receive. In contrast, the number of sessions you participate in with Solutions Through Horses is decided between you and your therapist.

  5. It eliminates any confusion over billing.  There are no questions on what will and will not be covered, nor will there be any surprises when an insurance company rejects payment for previously approved services.

Session Fees