EAP Can Help With:

  • Overcoming Depression to feel content and happy
  • Reducing Anxiety to feel secure and calm
  • Increasing confidence and self worth
  • Healing and relief from trauma/abuse
  • Creating healthy relationships
  • Increasing assertiveness to get your needs met
  • Developing better communication skills in order to be heard and understood
  • Obtaining respect from others and obtaining self respect
  • Learning how to trust yourself and others
  • Creating a sense of empowerment

Individual Equine Assisted Therapy Services

  • Through the EAP process, horses are used as a non judgmental tool that helps you overcome life’s challenges and help you to better understand yourself.  You will learn how to be more authentic and congruent in your life; with yourself and with others.  Learn what you want for your future and how to obtain it.  Learn how to be more effective in your life.  Learn how to be in the moment. Heal and progress from emotioanl pain and trauma.
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