Why should I try EAP vs seeing a traditional therapist in the office?

  • Most psychotherapies are focused on verbal content while Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) emphasizes the non-verbal components that come up naturally when working with horses.

  • In traditional therapy, it can take many sessions for the therapist to come to the point that they can comfortably provide you with the kind of feedback that horses provide in your first meeting.  Therapists often note how some issues that can take weeks or months to be addressed in long-term talk therapy, often come to a resolution within a few short sessions with EAP. Unlike typical psychotherapy, EAP allows you to make changes in behavioral patterns “in the moment.”

  • EAP takes you out of your element and challenges your conception of what therapy should be, making it easier to let down your guard and simply interact with the horses.  Horses, the outdoor element, and the experiential side of doing EAP activities, all combine to engage you in different ways than what might take place in a typical office “talk therapy” setting.

  • The nature of EAP offers space for you to make self discoveries and realizations that seem to be more effective than being guided to these decisions by a therapist in an office setting.  Many people learn and change by experience and “doing” as opposed to only “talking”.

  • EAP also differs from traditional psychotherapy in that your goals and experiences are determined by you and your therapist, as opposed to limits set by an insurance company. 

  • Insurance companies have a set of expectations that the therapist must adhere to in order to get paid.  You must have a diagnosis and impairments in order to receive psychotherapy that is covered by insurance.  EAP provided by Solutions Through Horses is about your wants and needs and you do not have to have a mental health diagnosis to get services. Solutions Through Horses and you determine the number of sessions you want in regards to your goals and the number of sessions is not dictated by an insurance company. 

  • By not billing your insurance company, your privacy and confidentiality is upheld.
    Your insurance company will not know that you received any type of services, nor will a diagnosis appear on your medical record.

  • The time I spend with people using EAP is a time in a search for understanding and in a search for new and novel ways of being and thinking; ways that reveal new possibilities.  With EAP, you are empowered to take the reins that will help you create the change you want.