Support for Medical Professionals

Being in healthcare people look to you for answers, for support, and to heal them. But sometimes you cannot do your job due to time constraints, productivity pressures, insurance limitations, lack of control of the pacing, and of course the EHR. There is pressure to see more patients, to work more hours, and you feel guilty if you want to take time off. It can be a struggle to try to give care to others when you do not have enough time, staff, or resources.

Maybe you feel that you have to make choices that conflict with long standing beliefs that you have? No wonder you feel undervalued, demotivated, and sometimes think that you want to leave the field despite it being what you love doing. “But I am a doctor, I should be able to handle the stressors of my job, so why do I feel like I am struggling?” “Why do I feel emotionally exhausted, alone, stretched to my breaking point, and wondering if I am doing any good?”

Despite all the challenges you face, life can be less stressful and bring you more joy. Let me assist you in finding that balance. My name is Dr. Tufia Steidle and I am a licensed clinical psychologist. With over 20 years of experience I have guided people to feel empowered and discover the tools to change their lives.

What makes me different than other psychologists is that in addition to traditional talk therapy, I use horses to help you maximize your fulfillment in life and achieve your personal and professional goals utilizing the relationship between horses and people with a modality called Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). Unlike traditional psychotherapy, EAL focuses on learning skills and changing patterns to help you overcome your personal and professional challenges so you can continue moving forward in your life.

Schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation through the online scheduler by clicking the botton below and I will assist you in finding relief, peace, and joy in your life.