Virtual Therapy

It seems the world changed overnight in March 2020. Suddenly you could not go outside, see people, and limitations were placed on what you could do. The world became a dangerous, unsafe place. Maybe you had to switch to working at home? Or you suffered a loss of employment? Or you had to juggle work and supporting your children with online schooling. Or you lost friends or loved ones to COVID-19?
The emotional impact of the pandemic remains. As employers revisit their remote work options, changing how and where you might work again may feel overwhelming. Widespread anxiety about health and safety and nearly two years of social isolation have taken a huge toll on wellbeing. Even though many have resumed normalactivates not everyone feels safe being around people the way they did before the pandemic. This anxiety is very normal in the context of the devastating loss we have all experienced in the last two years; at the same time, this lingering anxiety can have negative impacts on your functioning.

Changes in life that are out of your control can cause fear, loss, grief, anger, and sadness. During the pandemic, about 40% of adults in the U.S. reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. In December 2021, the US Surgeon General issued an advisory on the youth mental health crisis that was exasperated and exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Symptoms of anxiety and depression include insomnia, hopelessness, issues with relationships, poor academic or vocational performance, fatigue, isolation, and burnout.

Let me provide you support to find relief, connection, and hope. My name is Dr. Tufia Steidle. I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience. I have helped people feel empowered, heal, and grow to become their best selves.

Please note Dr. Steidle is full and temporarily not accepting new clients. Please check back to this site regularly for availability updates.

Benefits of Virtual Therapy

  • 1.

    Feel more comfortable in your own home

  • 2.

    Efficient- no travel time, worries about being late, or finding parking

  • 3.

    It is secure and confidential

  • 4.

    Virtual therapy is just as effective as face to face therapy