Virtual Therapy

It seems the world changed overnight in March 2020. Suddenly you could not go outside, see people, and limitations were placed on what you could do. The world became a dangerous, unsafe place. Maybe you had to switch to working at home? Or you suffered a loss of employment? Or you had to juggle work and supporting your children with online schooling. Or you lost friends or loved ones to COVID-19?

Now that the State has moved to lower COVID tiers and business have started to re-open, how you feel might not change. Widespread anxiety about health/safety and social isolation has taken its toll. But now, as the pace of the vaccine rollout quickens, many people are experiencing a new anxiety: going back out into the world.

Changes in your life that are out of your control can cause fear, loss, grief, anger, and sadness. During the pandemic, about 40% of adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. These feelings can lead to insomnia, hopelessness, issues with relationships, isolation, and burnout. How do you keep it all together when it feels like you are on a roller coaster?

Let me provide you support to find relief, connection, and hope in this “new normal”. My name is Dr. Tufia Steidle and I am a licensed clinical psychologist. With over 20 years of experience I have helped people feel empowered, heal, and grow to become their best selves.

What makes me different than other psychologists is that in addition to traditional talk therapy I provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). EAP involves the use of horses to help you maximize your fulfillment in life and achieve your goals utilizing the relationship between horses and people. Please see the FAQ for more information about Equine Therapy.

In addition to virtual therapy (telehealth) sessions, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions can be provided via the internet. I have flexible lengths of appointments to meet your needs- short (30 minutes), standard (45 minutes), and long (60 minutes).

Schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation through the online scheduler to bring you peace and joy during this challenging time.

Benefits of Virtual Therapy

  • 1.

    Feel more comfortable in your own home

  • 2.

    Efficient- no travel time, worries about being late, or finding parking

  • 3.

    It is secure and confidential

  • 4.

    Virtual therapy is just as effective as face to face therapy